Why Network Marketing Gets Such a Bad Rap

I’m the kind of person that doesn’t much care what other people think of me. So long as I am comfortable with my behavior and comportment and I am living a life of purpose, everyone else’s opinion, while worth consideration, is of significantly less importance. I must admit, however, that even I have given pause on many occasions to the perception of our industry.

“Oh, it’s like Amway.”

“Wait, you do what?”

“It’s a pyramid scheme.”

This is just a flavor of some of the comments I’ve received upon disclosing my chosen profession. Just for clarification sake it is nothing like Amway and not a pyramid scheme (we’ll save further explanation on those topics for another blog).

I’ve been forced to ask myself why this industry often elicits such negative responses and I’ve come to the following conclusion…it’s our own damned fault.

We all know the benefits: time freedom, unlimited income, no boss, the list goes on. So how could an industry that provides so much opportunity for so many whose lives could be so different get this bad reputation?

It boils down to this, we are in a numbers game and too many of us think we are in a sales game.

Let me explain. Most of the people who have negative associations with Network Marketing have been approached by a family member or someone they know and when they were not interested in their opportunity the situation became personal. Instead of moving on until they found the right person for their opportunity, they tried to convince the first person that this opportunity was indeed right for them. Now. Relationships have been damaged, even destroyed, by such exchanges.

When a waitress offers you a cup of coffee and you refuse, even going so far as to put your hand over your cup so that she physically cannot fill it with coffee, does that waitress get offended? Does she feel like your coffee refusal is a personal affront? No! She looks for someone else in the restaurant who may actually want coffee. Someone for whom, a cup of coffee may make their morning, nay, even their day. Later, she may even come back and see if you have changed your mind about the coffee. Should you refuse again, she will continue on her merry coffee way.

This is how Network Marketing works at it’s best. This is how the most successful networkers achieved their success. Like a waitress pouring coffee.

Our job is to find people who want what we have. People who are looking for change and who believe in the product that you have to offer. Assuming that you have a product of value, those people are out there in spades.

This industry is a numbers game and it’s a servant leadership game. Help people get what they want and success is yours.