Starbucks, Square, Uber and…Legalshield?

Let me ask you a question: what if you had been in front of the bottled water industry? Or Amazon? Kindle? Perhaps Starbucks? What if you had just a very small piece of those revolutions? Yes, you would be rich, or at least very well off, and you would have complete time freedom.

Most companies that run from a few hundred million to multi-billions quickly, most often revolutionized an old, existing industry. They did not create a new concept that required a great deal of education. Kindle, Amazon and Starbucks took an old product and changed the way the consumer got access.

What is the next big, old industry to be revolutionized? How would you position yourself to benefit from that revolution?

You’d be hard-pressed to find an industry larger and more in need of a revolution than the legal industry.  It dates back to the fourth century Greece; it’s old and it’s big; over $300 billion in the U.S. alone. Unfortunately, it is also broken. The average American has no real access at $300 an hour. Ironically, engraved on the west side of the Supreme Court building are the words, “Equal Justice under Law.”  The reality is that you get about as much justice as you can pay for regardless of your race, color, creed, sex or age. Think of the number of times in a given year that an individual or family experiences a legal issue. Adoption, alimony, financial concerns, collections, medical disputes, home foreclosures, mortgage or refinancing or perhaps an IRS issue. All too often, these issues are ignored or not dealt with properly because of the associated expenses.

LegalShield gives people access to attorneys without having to check their pocketbook. This little company quietly got to a valuation of $450 million on the New York Stock Exchange. And then, recently, was purchased by  a private equity firm, one of three separate firms that were bidding. The sale was finalized at over $200 million more than the valuation! Why?

They understood the potential of this business, and the quiet value of this industry. They understood that with 40 years of experience and a proprietary system of networked attorneys, LegalShield was positioned to fulfill a significant need, providing a service that people both desired and could afford.

Legal Shield can disrupt an old model and revolutionize how legal services are provided in the same manner that the industries of books, coffee and water were revolutionized.

Take a visionary CEO, a dynamic executive management team and 21st century marketing principles and put them in front of an old industry that is begging to be overhauled and what you have is a perfect storm.

Nearly 90% of Americans say they do not have any form of legal insurance or legal protection service.  Nine out of ten people would use attorneys if they were more affordable. Sixty percent of families state they would be interested in a service like ours if they knew it existed.

There is a great opportunity for anyone who can solve this inadequacy. LegalShield has a system and a model that not only fills this need, but allows you to partner on a part- or full-time basis. Please feel free to contact me at the “Ask Patrick” link above for more information.


Forget “Work From Home”, I Say Work From Anywhere!

Forty six percent of Americans have less than $10,000 saved for retirement.  Forty percent of baby boomers plan on working until they die. Unemployment rates are higher than they have been in 20 years.  Twice as many college grads are in minimum wage jobs as five years ago

The economy has changed dramatically in the last few years,  job security is largely a thing of the past. Even when someone has a “great job”, they spend hours in the car; they miss their kids’ events, miss family vacations and generally feel under appreciated. In the wealthiest country in the world, they are missing out on life.

We’re living in a time when the secure jobs of the past no longer offer the financial reward they once did. Think about it, how many times have you heard about someone who had a secure job and then lost it? In today’s economy, you create your own security.

Today, moms want to be moms and dads want to be dads. We want to play and be debt-free. The younger generation is looking for the success that they have been expecting since early childhood but what they are finding is college debt and part time jobs. They are trapped.  And all of this is fueling the “work-from-anywhere” movement. These are not people looking to get rich quick. These are people who understand that leaving their financial future in the hands of someone else is surely not the solution.  They want financial freedom on their own terms.

This is why the entrepreneurial, independent contractor, freelancer movement is exploding. Companies large and small are looking for better ways to move their products to market. Partnering with independent contractors is a win-win. It can also be the perfect situation for those looking to take control of their financial futures and maintain some balance and happiness in their career.

The challenge, however, is finding the right company with which to partner and finding the time to get a new venture off the ground.

More often than not, when you think you’ve found a good partnership, suddenly there are hidden conditions and costs. You may feel like you’re actually buying a job with the expensive franchise fees. Or you might feel cornered finding out that you have to market a product that is often overpriced, or simply isn’t the kind of item or service you would want to put your name behind.

My wife and I were very fortunate. We worked hard, yes; but we were introduced to a better vehicle. We discovered a very unique, lucrative and fun opportunity to work from anywhere as independent associates. We started part time and over a few years our new business provided us financial freedom with a solid and stable company backing us; a company with a forty year track record, that maintained fifteen consecutive years of increased earnings on the New York Stock Exchange.

What’s more amazing is that we marketed a service that most people had never heard of. There was no national advertising campaign, organized web presence or structured training program. What we had was a phenomenal product that people needed, they could afford and had virtually no competition.

We got involved with all these strikes against us and still made multiple millions of dollars.  Since that time our company has been purchased by private equity who has provided unparalleled marketing and training.  Our branding is spot on.  Our product is positioned for explosion.

If you are interested in positioning yourself in front of a game changer, contact me at the “Ask Patrick” tab above.