Starbucks, Square, Uber and…Legalshield?

Let me ask you a question: what if you had been in front of the bottled water industry? Or Amazon? Kindle? Perhaps Starbucks? What if you had just a very small piece of those revolutions? Yes, you would be rich, or at least very well off, and you would have complete time freedom. Most companies […]

Why Network Marketing Gets Such a Bad Rap

I’m the kind of person that doesn’t much care what other people think of me. So long as I am comfortable with my behavior and comportment and I am living a life of purpose, everyone else’s opinion, while worth consideration, is of significantly less importance. I must admit, however, that even I have given pause […]

Who’s Thinking for You?

Everyday, a variety of different things are vying for your attention.  This has been true throughout history–family, work, leisure–all of it is competing for space in our brains.  But the fact is that today it is far more insidious.  We live in a world where thousands of different entities are competing to capture, and maintain, […]

Your Finest Hour

Quick! What is your purpose?  What do you live for everyday?  Why do you work?  What keeps you going? Do you have an answer to those questions? Most people don’t and many of those who can have answers that are incomplete or, oftentimes, meaningless.  The fact is that your purpose should be the cornerstone of […]